Thoughts Pour Out


Today I just received my Diploma with the apostille back in the mail. I was happy to get it and I’m hopeful of having a future in South Korea. Lately I have been wondering if it would be better for me if I would just apply directly to EPIK. Especially since I have everything all ready. Yet, I am not sure, because if for some reason I wouldn’t be accepted into EPIK I want to have a backup plan with my recruiter. I don’t think it would look very good for me to ditch my recruiter who has been nothing but wonderful, and then go back to them should I not get in. Also Korvia gives you a cell phone upon arrival and checks up on you. I don’t want to go without some kind of safety net even if it is just a small one. Perhaps I will apply through EPIK directly after I have had my first year there. I think I would feel much more comfortable having gone through the process already. Then I will be more confident on doing the whole process again on my own.