Documents 2nd Screening

April 15, 2013

I got an email from my EPIK Coordinator who screened my documents I sent in after my interview. He told me that everything looks good! So now all I have to do is wait until Mid-June-July to find out if I get an NOA from hopefully SMOE (1st choice location). I am just relieved to know that everything with my documents was okay and nothing has to be done on my end for now. All I can do is sit back and relax until the time comes for me to be all anxious/nervous in June lol. Now back to watching Coffee Prince.



April 11, 2013

Okay so lots of people have been asking things like “If you have been accepted by EPIK then why can’t you say you’re going for sure?” While yes it is an excellent sign that I have been accepted by EPIK and my documents are in, the fact remains that the screening process isn’t over. My documents I submitted still have to go through a second screening and have to be submitted to potential MOE/POE for their approval. If they find me a job in a specific location then they will send me a Notice of Appointment and a contract. Until you have that physical contract in hand the fact is that EPIK can reject you. I don’t want to jinx myself by saying I am officially going. If you Google it then you will find that there are a number of teachers who have been accepted by EPIK but did not receive an NOA. Of course positions are filled on a first come first served basis so my chances look good since my stuff is in early. I am hopeful and working hard to make my dream a reality. For now it is kind of out of my hands lol. Keep me in your wishes, prayers, or kind thoughts!

TEFL Question

Question:All your posts are very helpful–thanks! 😀 I was wondering though, where did you get your TEFL certificate from? I’m having trouble deciding on a good program.

Thanks! My online TEFL course was recommended to me by SeoulTee on YouTube. He is an ESL Teacher in Korea. I did the 120 hour online course through ITTT ( It was a good course. However, keep in mind that if you can you should do a course that has a 20 hour in class component since EPIK gives preference to the candidates with it. However, I didn’t have that option in my rural area so I just did the online course. I was accepted by EPIK anyway, but its just something to keep in mind since EPIK is competitive.

EPIK Documents Sent to South Korea

April 8, 2013

Its official! All of my documents have been submitted to UPS to make their way to the EPIK Office in South Korea. The only issue I had was with the UPS clerk’s attitude when I requested a UPS envelope. lol I was like please? I know you can use USPS envelopes through there with the UPS label, but I wanted it to be blatantly obvious that it was UPS! The clerk’s co-worker even agreed with me since it was going overseas so I just insisted until he finally put the UPS sleeve onto my documents. I was thinking in my head “COME ONE LOL JUST DO IT!”  What happened to customer service? Geez grumpy gills. ANYWHO sending my documents over was not cheap so I recommend saving up. My documents in an express mail envelope costs $89.00 to ship from Pennsylvania. My documents should arrive at the EPIK Office by Thursday. Since I used UPS I have the tracking service and I gave my tracking number to my EPIK Coordinator too. I feel so relieved now that it is sent off.

Interview Question

Question: How long did it take for you to hear back about whether or not you got an interview after you turned in your application to EPIK? I just turned mine in a few days ago and of course it’s too soon to expect to hear back but I want to tone down my freak out til I’m supposed to hear back from them haha

I applied very early February 11th, got notified for an interview March 14th, had my interview March 31st, and I got notified I passed my interview on April 3. For this timeline you must keep in mind that they didn’t start scheduling interviews until near the end of March. So my timeline may be more stretched out than yours. However, EPIK receives hundreds of applications at a time.

If you applied a couple days ago you would have been in with the slew of applications that went in through recruiters on the first day (April 1st) that EPIK accepts applications from recruiters. Just give it some time. They have a good team that will get to you as soon as they can. You will hear either way if you get an interview or not. Be sure to check you spam folder as well. Just try and be as patient as you can. Avoid sending them emails inquiring if you have gotten an interview or not. From what I see on the Facebook Group they don’t like that. lol Also get on the Facebook group Fall 2013 intake and socialize (once they send you an email that they have received your application they will include the link to this group.) They want teachers that are professional yet friendly as well. Good luck to you!


March 31, 2013

So I just got done with my EPIK interview. It was long and we went over a variety of questions. Pretty much all of the questions were ones that I had prepped before. Some were phrased a little differently. My interviewer was actually not Korean. I was very surprised. He seemed as if his accent was from Canada or perhaps he could have been from the USA. WHO KNOWS! He was so friendly! I was so relieved. He went over my application with me just confirming some details and asked for me to change a number for one of my teachers (BACK STORY SHE CHANGED HER NUMBER NOW THAT SHE IS THE HEAD DEPARTMENT CHAIR NO BIGGIE). He said he liked my lesson plan and my essay. Then we got into the teaching related questions which you can find a variety of questions online that you MAY get asked not DEFINITE. Every coordinator is different. Then of course he asked me questions related to the more personal side with the health background etc. He took notes down throughout the interview. He also told me I was pretty much the first interview of the day for him (NO PRESSURE! LOL). Overall I didn’t feel as though I fumbling over my words or anything. I feel positively about it. I think he liked me as well and he seemed to like my personality. He liked that I had a lot of hobbies as well. I guess we will see what happens. He told me I should hear within 2-3 days. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

Preparation Question

Question: Hiya, I’ve got a quick question. How much time in advance did you prepare your documents/apply to EPIK?

For the Fall 2013 intake I took my TEFL in November and then I really did my documents in January then I applied February 11th and I have my interview March 31st. That’ll give you a basic idea of what I did. I started early, but if I could do it over I would have applied back in January had a not been toying with the idea of going through a recruiter. Early is best because of the first come first served process they use in EPIK. Apply early you get the first set of interviews. Then if you pass your interview and send in your documents right way you get first dibs on locations. It’ll just save you a lot of time and grief of waiting if you apply earlier. Just be careful of how far in advance you prep documents because your criminal background check is only good six months from the process date.