This visa stuff is a little intimidating! The website for the Korean Consulate in NYC isn’t as clean cut as the other website for say the FBI CRC or the Diploma Apostille we had to do in the past. So since I am from Pennsylvania my location for applying for a visa is through the Korean Consulate in New York City. (FIND YOUR LOCATION HERE) Now I went through the EPIK guide for the visa process and then I read the Korean Consulate (NYC)’s specific requirements. According to the site they required nothing out of the ordinary for EPIK Teachers. Make sure you always call to check in case the consulate/embassy in your location requires transcripts, diploma, etc. However, I heard transcripts from another teacher going through New York City so I just threw them in there. I also threw in a scanned copy of my FBI CRC, Apostille Diploma, and Korean Consulate Checklist (There was nothing on the website saying you had to do this, but I read some stuff online on various recruiter’s websites and figured what can it hurt? I didn’t want to get a call from them requesting another document and then me have to mail yet another document out. So I just said hey I have it right? I’ll throw it in there! I just put a post it note on it saying “Just in case you need this.”)

Now I filled out the application form which looks like this: http://www.mofa.go.kr/english/visa/images/res/visakorean.pdf Make sure you look closely at the instructions and don’t forget to add the visa issuance number. This number can be found in the upper left hand corner of your official hard copy of your Notice of Appointment. The Visa Issuance number goes on the very first row found under APPLICATION FOR VISA. It says CONFIRMATION OF VISA ISSUANCE NUMBER: (put the number here).

  1. Last name
  2. First name
  3. Skip unless unless you have a name with Chinese characters.
  4. Check mark next to your gender.
  5. Birthday in Day, Month, Year format.
  6. Nationality: US Citizen.
  7. Country of Birth: USA
  8. Home Address
  9. Phone Number
  10. Mobile Phone Number
  11. Email
  12. SSN
  13. Passport Number
  14. Circle OR (This means you are an ordinary citizen not a diplomat, government official etc.)
  15. Place your passport was issued.
  16. Date your passport was issued.
  17. Date your passport will expire.
  18. Occupation (CURRENT not EPIK) if you are unemployed just put N/A (not applicable).
  19. Work phone number.
  20. Work name and address.
  21. Check your marital status.
  22. If you are married then list your spouses name etc. Or put N/A (not applicable).
  23. Spouse info or N/A.
  24. Spouse info or N/A.
  25. Spouse info or N/A.
  26. Purpose of Entry: I put English Program in Korea (EPIK).
  27. Potential Length of Stay: 1 year.
  28. Potential Date of Entry: (I am in Team 1 for orientation so my date my differ from yours) 18 Aug 2013
  29. Previous Visits to Korea: List if any.
  30. Address in Korea: Undecided (EPIK)
  31. Phone number in Korea: Undecided
  32. Who will pay for the expense of your stay?: Employer and Myself. (I listed the employer as well as myself because they provide your housing.)
  33. List any countries you have visited in the past 5 years.
  34. Leave blank or put N/A
  35. Leave blank or put N/A

Finally put the date you filled out the application in Day, Month, Year format. Then sign your name. Leave the very bottom blank as it states FOR OFFICE USE ONLY.

After I had all this put together I placed all of my stuff into a folder and took it to the post office. When I mailed it off this was the contents of my envelope.

  • Passport
  • Photocopy of personal data page from passport.
  • Application
  • 1 passport picture attached to application. (I also included an envelope containing 2 more photos just in case 1 a 2inx2in and another 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm picture).
  • 1 money order for $45.00 made out to the Korean Consulate General.
  • Original Notice of Appointment
  • Photocopy of the Notice of Appointment
  • Original signed contract.
  • Sealed Transcript
  • Copy of apostille diploma, and FBI CRC. (OPTIONAL lol I just did it just in case)
  • I also included the Consulate Checklist I found online. It wasn’t listed but again why not? If it saves me from having to mail it in after the fact.
  • Included a prepaid priority mail envelope with insurance with my return address inside ( DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE A RETURN ENVELOPE).

Now I mailed all of this in a priority mail envelope with tracking and insurance that will cover my documents/passport should they get lost (unlikely). My documents should arrive as the Korean Consulate in NYC by Saturday. The address is: Korean Consulate, ATTN Visa Services, 460 Park Avenue (Bet. 57th and 58th St) 6th Floor, New York, New York 10022.

Hopefully this will help your guys out. I’ll let you know how it goes!

NOTE: If you live close enough to the various consulates/embassies then do a walk in appointment! Unfortunately I live too far away.