TIPS: EPIK Rejection: Facebook Group Etiquette

April 19, 2013

Okay so I have witnessed this more than once. People who either do not pass or are not granted an interview from EPIK and proceed to bash the program in EPIK’s own Facebook group! My advice? DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO GET ACCEPTED INTO EPIK IN THE FUTURE! I feel like this goes without saying, but yet there’s another person doing it today for the whole EPIK team to see. No matter the situation you should never do this. The one thing I have realized post-college is that the work world is a small one, and if you think one negative post can’t rock your world it can! Do not do anything negative that can come back to bite you. Even if you doubt it could get back to you, believe me it can and will. I have seen it happen too many. Deal with rejection in a positive way, work harder, and think of it as one more obstacle that is out of your way. Perhaps you are meant for a different program or a better opportunity. Keep that in mind before you post anything filled with angst on the EPIK Facebook group. It does not serve you in anyway and only gives others a bad impression of you.


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