April 23, 2013

Process Update


What I have done so far… 

  • TEFL Certification ($295)
  • Teaching English to Young Learners Certification (Bonus: Free)
  • Fingerprinted (Free)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (Free)
  • College Diploma scan/copy Notarized & Sent for Apostille (Free Notary at Bank/$8 for apostille + Postage)
  • TEFL Certificate scan/copy has been notarized. (Free Notary)
  • FBI Criminal Record Check application sent in.  ($18 + Postage)
  • Application, Essay, and Lesson Plan.  
  • Passport ($150)
  • Updated resume.
  • Applied for Residency Certificate (USA) ($85 + Postage)
  • FBI Criminal Record Check needs sent to Washington, DC for apostille. ($8 + Postage)
  • Officially sent in Application.
  • Prep interview questions. 
  • Interview completed and I passed!
  • Sent documents to EPIK Office in Seoul ($89).

 Still Need To … 

  • Get my US Residency Certificate back in the mail.
  • Receive an NOA in June/July.
  • Visa

To be continued…


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